Providing legal services to local governments, state agencies, and other public and private organizations


Zoning and Land Use

In addition to handling litigation, we advise clients on all aspects of zoning and land use issues such as comprehensive plan drafting and updates; adoption and enforcement of zoning and subdivision ordinances, including unified development ordinances; negotiation and drafting of proffer conditions; historic districts; provision and siting of public utilities; and implementation of E&S; and stormwater programs.

Civil Litigation

Pandak & Taves attorneys counsel public and nonprofit clients on topics such as: contracts, employment, bylaws, governance, policies, risk management, ethics, and FOIA. We offer consultation and training to localities and public agencies regarding economic development, law enforcement and public safety operations, and public procurement matters.

General Counsel

We defend our clients’ interests in the federal and state courts, as well as in administrative proceedings. We have extensive trial experience in zoning and subdivision matters, eminent domain/condemnation, erroneous tax assessments and challenges, Title VII and other employment disputes, §1983 Civil Rights claims, defense of public safety personnel, and FOIA.